1. Prof. Paulo LISBOA with topic in Big Data
Prof. Lisboa is Head of prof_pauloResearch Centre for Data Science and also Head of Department of Applied Mathematics at Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom.

He is the Vice-Chair, the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group for Societal Challenge 1 (Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing, European Commission), the Chair of Medical Data Analysis Task Force and also the Vice-Chair of the Big Data Task Force (IEEE Computational Intelligence Society). His research focus is advanced data analysis for decision support.

He has applied data science to personalised medicine, public health, sports analytics and digital marketing. In particular, he has an interest in rigorous methods for interpreting complex models with data structures that can be validated by domain experts.

Prof. Lisboa’s title of presentation will be  “Big data for decision support in digital marketing and healthcare”.
The talk will focus on the application of big data methods to generate insights about markets and healthcare. This will cover segmentation and visualisation of shopping basket data, moving onto design and evaluation of personalised recommender systems and sentiment analysis. The talk will then use methods from information theory to convert statistical models into data structures which provides further important insights. Examples will be shown from medical diagnostics, following which graphical models will be derived to produce actionable insights from data in public health and from wellbeing surveys.


2. Prof. Kunio Kondo with topic “Content production technology based on Media Science”
prot_kunioProf. Kondo is the Chair of Media Science program in Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan and visiting professor of Management and Science University, Malaysia.

He is also the President of ADADA International and ADADA Japan. ADADA is Asia Digital Art and Design Association. He was former President of The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan, former President of The Society for Art and Science, former Vice President of Japan Society of Graphic Science, and Chair of SIG on Computer Graphics and CAD of Information Processing Society of Japan, His research interests are computer graphics, animation, game, and interactive modelling.

Prof.  Kondo received Best Paper Award from Information Processing Society of Japan in 1985, Research Award  from Japan Society of Graphic Science in 1988, Engineering Education Award from Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE) in 2013, and also CG Japan Award from Society for Art and Science in 2015. His website :

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